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We are pleased to say that Bree and her pups are all doing well and we now have to have eyes in the back of our heads. The little monkeys are into everything but are enjoying every minute of it. Now 6 weeks old they are very, very excited about going to their new homes and send their new family a massive big hug and kisses.Pictures below taken at 5 weeks old, hope you enjoy. You can still watch their antics on Riccini Cam Pictures taken 7th June 2012Bree and her brood are still continuing to do well and she is such a loving and relaxed mother. We hope you enjoy some more puppy pictures taken today.Pictures taken 5th May 2012Update from 4th May 2012Well we are pleased to announce that Bree's puppies are now here. She gave birth to 8 beautiful babies, 5 bitches;3 dogs on 2nd/3rd May. It was not without drama with the last bitch having to be delivered by section but we are delighted to say that Bree and her beautiful brood are doing welll and most importantly they are safe.A big thank you to everyone who has sent their kind wishes after Bree and the puppies and especially our good friend Jacqui Young who was with us all the way and without her help no doubt we would only have 7.I have added a few pics of the puppies taken today and as always we will occasionally have live streaming so you can see them in action. Click on the link below to viewRiccini CamPictures taken 4th May 2012News from the show ringNewton Aycliffe Canine Society 3rd March 2012Una Volta Per Sempre Sorriso del Riccini (Paolo) - 1st Open - Best of BreedThis was Paolo's first Open Show and his first since Gundog Breeds of Scotland Champ show last November. We are still very proud of Paolo and his efforts in the show ring