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We got our very first dog in 1972, a Shih Tzu called Ming and he cost the princely sum of £35. That was the hook with dogs in our family. Ming was a much loved family member who lived to the ripe old age of 20. Gradually more and more dogs were introduced including Bearded Collies, Lhasa Apsos, Briards and eventually the Spinone. Both the Briards and Beardies were successfully shown and bred and if it were not for going to the shows we would never have been introduced to this wonderful breed. We always used to head for one particular trade stand at the shows because a Spinone called Fred used to be there. From that very first meeting it was a must that we had to have a Spinone. In 1993 we heard of a litter of Spins for sale in Newcastle and we knew it had to be fate. Two dogs were purchased from that litter, 1 dog (Murphy) and 1 bitch (Ricci). From then on we were a two Spinoni family and it was to be the beginning of something really special.Ricci was to become the foundation bitch of our small but very successful hobby kennel which is based in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. Since 1993 we have had 5 litters making up 55 puppies. Out of those 55 puppies there have been 9 Show Champions one of which is the current breed record holder, the first Brown Roan Dog Show Champion in the breed, the youngest Show Champion in the breed, the first undocked Show Champion in the breed and 1 Dutch/UK Show Champion. Our success however has come second place to the most important thing...........our dogs. Although no longer with us this would not have been possible without you Ricci...........until we meet again.........sleep well xxx

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